Thursday, February 17, 2011

MAX-imum Exposure Blog Tour

Welcome to the MAX-imum Exposure Tour for the 13 to Life Series!

I'm very exciting to be a part of the MAX-imum Exposure Tour for Shannon Delany's 13 to Life series. 13 to Life is such a fun book, who doesn't love to read fun books?! I read 13 to Life last summer when it came out and can't wait to start Shadows and Secrets! Last week, I got to meet Shannon Delany at a signing at the very lovely The Voracious Reader bookstore, where she read from Shadows and Secrets. From the scene she read, it's obvious that Shadows and Secrets will be every bit as fun as fun as 13 to Life!
Each site throughout the tour will have swag and an individualized interview with either Pietr, Max or both! Shannon has also included an audio download for each interview so you can hear the Rusakova boys! On 2/12 Pietr, Max and Shannon were on blog Talk Radio with host Barry Eva, you can find the interview at

I have to admit that Pietr is my favorite Rusokova and I was excited to get the chance to interview him. However, thanks to a technical issue I was only able to ask Pietr one question, but I think it's a good one!

Hi Pietr, thanks for taking the time to visit and answer some questions.  

My pleasure, Maria.
You Rusakovas seem like such a tight knit group.  Do you have a favorite sibling?

Da, we do seem like a closely knit group. I definitely relate better to Cat than to Max and, well, Alexi’s shown himself to be less of a true brother than we ever expected. Cat is my favorite sibling--she is the one I can talk to about anything.

Thanks, Pietr.


Shannon Delany is the winner of the first-ever cell phone novel contest in the western world and the author of the 13 to Life series through St. Martin's Press. 13 to Life is already available and Secrets and Shadows hits stores 2/15/11 with Bargains and Betrayals landing on shelves 8/16/11 (already available for pre-order!)and two more as of yet unnamed novels coming out in 2012.

For more about Shannon, visit her author website: or her series website:; You can also find Shannon on Facebook and on Twitter at the rest of the tour at Shannon's blog:
Want a fun freebie you can print out and use with a web-cam to make a bookmark much more than a bookmark? Go here and check out the Augmented Reality bookmark:

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  1. Cute interview (I love character interviews...they're always so much fun!) - I definitely need to check out the first book! :)


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