Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teen Garage Sale with Victoria Schwab

Today I'm super excited to welcome YA author Victoria Schwab to The Serpentine Library.
 The Near Witch is one of the best books I've read this year!

7 Things You Might Find in my Teen Garage Sale 
Oh dear. I was, and still am, an odd child, surrounded by trinkets (if you look at my bookshelf now you'll see everything from Venetian masks to Chinese serenity balls to notes written by bloggers and authors and random friends to a cupcake stress ball. 
But if we rewind a few years, you might find this...
1. Books on origami, martial arts, zen, cartooning, design, illustration, poker.
2. Soccer kleats, fencing swords, volleyball kneepads, running shoes, and the equip for a dozen other sports I tried (seeing a theme yet? I was what we call a dabbler)
3. Bandaids, knee brace, cast, skin glue.
4. A plaid skirt. I went to an all girls southern preparatory school. No, that's not a joke. 
5. Black lipstick. From my two-week-long gothic stint. But I'm keeping the authentic black velvet cloak. 
6. A DVD of The Princess Bride, but only because I'm pretty sure I have three copies (I'd never give away my ONLY copy, you don't grow out/up/over PB).
7. A blue cowboy hat. My best friend and I went backpacking through Europe upon graduating high school. She wore a pink cowboy hat and I wore a blue one. After being surrounded by several spells of ill luck, including being picked up for hitchhiking outside Paris, I began to think the hat was cursed.

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