Monday, April 11, 2011

Something's Different...

You may have noticed that the blog looks different...

I've been wanting a new look for awhile and have been playing around with the template designer, but, I could never settle on a look. I put together and discarded dozens of designs, before I decided I needed help.

I knew I wanted to play off the the "Serpentine" in the name and include some green; it's my favorite color and serpentine is a greenish mineral. But, I had no idea how to execute it.

That's where Katie of KD Designs came in. I want to give her a huge THANK YOU for the beautiful new design :) She's very professional and patient! She listened to what I wanted and quickly came back with a rough draft and then made every change I asked for (there were quite a few). Her prices are super reasonable and she's saving up for her trip to if you're thinking about getting something done, you should check out her site.

She's also designing some blog business cards for me. I'm excited to have cards specifically for the blog. I can't wait to use them at BEA!

I'm still working on moving things around and getting things linked, so for the next few days things might look a little funky or be in different places or links might not work. Just bare with me, everything should be in place by the end of the week!

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