Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guest Post - In Which Tori [Book Faery] Discusses Fantasy

Today I would like to welcome Tori the Book Faery to The Serpentine Library.  She very graciously agreed to answer some questions for me on her thoughts about fantasy.   Tori also put together a list of some of her favorite YA books that she would classify as having elements of fantasy.                        


1. How would you define/describe fantasy?  (Your personal definition: just what you would say to someone if they asked you to describe the fantasy genre.  Would you include paranormal, urban fantasy, and/or dystopian in your overarching definition?)

I view fantasy like I view fiction--in an extremely broad way.  For instance, you have genres like Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and the like.  Fantasy, in my mind, is like an umbrella that branches out towards its sub-genres.  I usually clump paranormal books into the fantasy section because, well, vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches, and everything else you can think of are fantastical creatures, aren't they?

2. What are a few of your favorite fantasy books?

YA books... Well, since I have a broad idea of fantasy, how about I suggest books from a few of the genres I mentioned up above?

Paranormal Romance- HUSH, HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick  

I wouldn't necessarily compare this book to TWILIGHT, but for those teens who absolutely adored Meyer's series, I believe they'll enjoy Becca's version of fallen angels.  

Steampunk- LEVIATHAN by Scott Westerfeld

This one was difficult because, despite my efforts, I have not read many steampunk YAs.  There are a few upcoming debuts I am anticipating, but that doesn't help right now, does it?  All steampunk books I've read were adult romances.  I have, however, heard nothing but good things for LEVIATHAN and plan on reading it as soon as humanely possible (read: when I have some money to afford books).

Dystopian- MATCHED by Ally Condie 

MATCHED is an interesting approach when it comes to a dystopian novel.  Imagine living in the "perfect" society.  The government decides everything for you.  All you have to do is fulfill your daily tasks.  Then, when you turn 16, you attend a banquet where you discover who your perfect Match is.  What is a Match?  The government's version of your soulmate.  Now imagine you attend your banquet and discover that you have two different matches.  What will you do?  Will you question the way society works?

Young Adult (I'm not sure what to label this)- BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver

I am in LOVE with Lauren Oliver ever since reading BEFORE I FALL!  This novel does not contain any paranormal elements in it, but I think that's why the novel is so appealing.  We follow the heroine, a snobby popular girl, on the last day of her life.  Except... instead of dying, she repeatedly wakes up on the same morning that she dies.  Soon, she realizes that she can change the outcome of events.

Urban Fantasy- The Darkest Powers Series by Kelley Armstrong (THE SUMMONING, THE AWAKENING, THE RECKONING)

It took a while for me to warm up to this series for some reason, but once I did, I was hooked!  There are paranormal creatures in this book including: a werewolf, a warlock, a necromancer (the heroine), and a witch.

Dark Fantasy- BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE by Annette Curtis Klause

This young adult novel is so beautifully written that it would be blasphemy if I did not include it on the list.  There is a bit of romance in this book, but I would label it more a dark fantasy than a paranormal romance.  Blood and Chocolate is a story about a young werewolf who wishes she could be with a human boy.  The story explores the measures she will take to be with said boy and what the consequences of her actions are.  Absolutely LOVED the ending and wish there was a sequel.

Thanks so much Tori!  

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