Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane...

This weekend is Alumni Weekend at my alma mater, Roanoke College.  I'm scared to say how long it's been since I graduated, but it is one of those milestone years (okay, okay, I'll admit that it is way less than 20 and a bit more than 5 ;-).  As you read this, I'm probably on my way to Charlotte to spend a little time with some friends before we head to Roanoke for our reunion on Saturday.  I'm both excited and nervous. Excited to see friends I haven't seen in years, to catch up with my best friend (code name: The Reverend) and to meet her son (who is already 16 months old!), but nervous to run into people I would rather not see and to spend so much time away from school work. 

I have a couple of posts scheduled for the next few days.  But, I won't have access to the internet as much as usual, so I won't be able to comment on all of your wonderful reviews and posts.  I promise to catch up after I come back on Tuesday. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Hope you have a fab trip - I'm sure it will be fun to catch up with old friends :o)


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