Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Cover for The Demon's Lexicon

Sarah Rees Brennan has unveiled the cover for the US Paperback edition of The Demon's Lexicon. 

Wow!  Nick with a sword!  So much action!  The swirling gray in the background gives the cover an ominous feel.  But, it also makes Nick stand out.  The way he is looking of to the side with his sword raised makes me wonder who or what he's fighting.  This cover will appeal to boys as much as girls. 

I have to admit this is much closer to what I imagined Nick to look like than the Tom Welling look-alike on the hardback cover.

The hardback cover has Nick (looking very much like Tom Welling) with his talisman.  I have to admit that I like the title lettering a bit better on this cover.  But, the red lettering on the paperback cover stands out more.

Which cover do you like ?


  1. I think I like the paperback-I think it has more appeal. I like the darkness on the paperback.

  2. LOL, now all I'll think of is Superman when I see old cover!

  3. I think I like the paperback cover more, mainly because it seems closer to how I pictured Nick. I have to agree that I like the font on the hardback cover better, it just fits the mood of the book.


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